30% less waste with a ShapeTex preform

30% less waste with a ShapeTex preform

The ShapeTex preform manufacturing process developed at Shape produces at least 30% less waste and often much more. The ShapeTex process only lays down carbon fibre where it is needed. This eliminates the kit cutting waste normally associated with prepreg composite manufacture.

A ShapeTex preform is often considerably more cost effective than other composite manufacturing processes for two main reasons:

1. Fibre is placed only where it is needed, saving expensive material waste.

2. A complex, multiply laminate preform is easily and quickly manufactured using ShapeTex technology and then dropped into the mould in one simple operation. This eliminates the lengthy and labour-intensive laminating process.

“We are always trying to save our customers money.” says Peter McCool, Managing Director of Shape, “and because of the speed with which we can make complex laminate preforms we are able to pass this cost saving on to our customers.

No other process reduces, so drastically, the amount of virgin carbon that would otherwise be wasted.”

Multiple preforms can be made at the same time on multi-head Shapetex machines to ensure that this is a process suitable to medium and high-volume manufacture.

Shapetex composite preform technology is moving into mainstream manufacture as the benefits and cost savings of reduced material waste are being realised.

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ShapeTex – Optimised carbon fibre preform design & manufacture
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