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About Us

ShapeTex™ is the brand name of the preforming technology developed by SHAPE, based in Witney, Oxfordshire in the UK.

At SHAPE we aim to create the most efficient means of manufacturing carbon fibre parts. We plan to do this with the creation of highly optimized, accurately sized preforms with zero waste. Our new ShapeTex™ process is applicable to a wide variety of industry sectors. We have the in-house ability to deliver design composite parts, specify the laminate, analyse the laminate, design the tooling, manufacture the preform, hot press the part, CNC trim the part (if necessary) and fully inspect the part. This end-to-end capability is something our customers really appreciate.

The main value we add for our customers is in the ShapeTex™ preform which we specify, design, manufacture and deliver directly into our customers manufacturing infrastructure. At SHAPE we are interested in developing automated manufacturing processes for the carbon composites industry. With ShapeTex™ you get an Engineering team to help you with all the knowledge and experience you require to start optimizing your carbon fibre structures/parts.

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Our Mission

To make ShapeTex™ the primary manufacturing route for carbon fibre preforms across all industry sectors. This will be achieved by meeting and exceeding our customer’s performance, cost and waste targets.

Our Vision

Our vision is that ShapeTex™ will become the leading process for making high volume carbon composite parts across all industry sectors.