Preform Design

Preform Design

Using ShapeTex™ enables designers to work with the freedom of specifying reinforcement fibre directions suited exactly to the component’s real-world requirements. Because of ShapeTex™ we create designs with optimised directional strength and increased material efficiency unlike any other fibre reinforced product. Traditional 0/90° fibre directions are common practice using conventional tools and analysis techniques but with our process, we can accurately control the stitching parameters, fibre directions, layering of materials and optimisation of preforms beyond any other UK based company.

Through extensive research we find solutions to producing preforms in their most optimised use of reinforcement fibre and processing time. Reducing material waste on this scale using ShapeTex™ is a game-changer for carbon and glass fibre reinforced plastics.

Our experience includes

  • Computer Aided Design
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Laminate Design
  • Component Tooling
  • Materials Testing
  • Measurement and QA
  • Whole System Design
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Product Testing

Preform Design Steps

Preform design involves the design of our production process parameters, verification methods, validation testing and programming the ShapeTex™ preforming machine.   A fundamental feature of ShapeTex™ is the wide range of materials that can be processed into preforms. Please see the ‘Preform Materials’ section for specific information on this subject.

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Our Mission

To make ShapeTex™ the primary manufacturing route for carbon fibre preforms across all industry sectors. This will be achieved by meeting and exceeding our customer’s performance, cost and waste targets.

Our Vision

Our vision is that ShapeTex™ will become the leading process for making high volume carbon composite parts across all industry sectors.