Part Manufacture

Part Manufacture

Preforms can be processed by resin infusion, wet pressing and heated compression moulding. SHAPE also remain open to developing further processing methods specific to customer requirements and manufacturing components using the preforms design with its customers. SHAPE provides tooling, jigs and fixtures for all stages of manufacturing components and preforms. SHAPE currently design and process ShapeTex™ preforms of all shapes and sizes up to 1.1m x 1.2m using a variety of fibres, matrix materials and backing fabrics. SHAPE provide both thermoset and thermoplastic composite parts, depending upon your project’s specific requirements. ShapeTex™ products are applicable to all areas of the composites market. We have been developing carbon fibre preforms and products for applications within the automotive industry, aerospace industry, sports and leisure, personalised transport, autonomous vehicles as well as medical technology sector. Our projects range from bespoke individual items for R&D testing through to mid-high volume composite parts manufactured using heated press moulding.

SHAPE is able to manufacture final parts from preforms through the design of composite parts and tooling as well as the manufacturing of the tooling for the preforms and the hot pressing of the parts.”

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Our Mission

To make ShapeTex™ the primary manufacturing route for carbon fibre preforms across all industry sectors. This will be achieved by meeting and exceeding our customer’s performance, cost and waste targets.

Our Vision

Our vision is that ShapeTex™ will become the leading process for making high volume carbon composite parts across all industry sectors.