Speed of manufacture is always important

Speed of manufacture is always important

The speed at which a composite part can be made is very important. Because the cost of a composite part is a function of the material cost and the time it takes to make.

The continuous R&D programme at Shape is showing significant progress. Work for the last couple of years has been focused on developing a fast and fully automated manufacturing process.

Shape will soon be able to offer the ability to make close-moulded, thermoplastic, carbon composite parts in volumes significantly higher than is currently achievable.

Shape Machining Ltd’s Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “Our focus is entirely on developing a really fast process suitable for high volume manufacture. The faster we can make parts the more cost effective the process is for our customers.”

Shape has developed several new, cost effective composite manufacturing processes all of which can be fully automated. Shape uses both thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials to meet or exceed the customers’ requirements.

McCool continued “It’s all about the speed of manufacture. Our in-house R&D is pushing to make high volume, carbon fibre parts a reality.

The huge market potential of this technology for our customers, across all industry sectors, is a real driver for us.”

Shape plans to break all barriers with rapid part manufacture.

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